Colette is an activist for women’s health and wellbeing in the Oireachtas. She has campaigned nationally and locally, with Together for Yes, for the successful repeal of the 8th amendment to the Consitution, paving the way for the roll out of safe and legal abortion care in Ireland. She continues to work towards safe and legal abortion care in Ireland.

In 2017, in cooperation with local Gynecologists, she highlighted the very significant waiting times  for women in Cork, and outer region, for urgent inpatient and outpatient appointments and procedures. She has successfully lobbied and secured additional resources from the Minister of Health to address the shortfalls.

Colette is an active member of the Oireachtas All-Party Interest Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Populations. Her current priorities include women’s access to free contraceptive care as committed to by Government. She was selected as part of the European Parliamentary Forum Delegation to attend the Nairobi Summit of the International Conference on Population and Development.

Colette has worked closely with Safe Ireland and other NGOs and co-ordinated cross party consensus in the Seanad to introduce the offense of ‘Coercive Control’ into the Domestic Violence Act 2018.

Colette is a founding member of the Oireachtas Women’s Caucus which hosted an international conference of Women’s Caucuses in 2018 Through the Women’s Caucus, she proposed the first Houses of the Oireachtas Parliamentary Workplace Survey.

In the UK Colette campaigned for early years and childcare and was a member of the Irish Women’s Abortion Support Group.

Key Actions

Colette speaking on abortion services provision